Students playing ocarina, chajchas, and rain stick Kids playing pan flutes at Earth Festival Kid playing drum or tambora

In addition to the concerts and performances, Eco Del Sur also conducts workshop, demonstrations, and residencies at schools and public institutions. The entertaining and educational programs are a great opportunity for students to learn more about the geography, history, cultures, and music from several Latin American regions.

During workshops students will have the opportunity to play and learn about the traditional instruments created by the Incas thousands of years ago as well as the contemporary instruments influenced by the Spanish and African heritages.

If you are interested in bringing Eco Del Sur to your school, please send an email to or contact us at 609-731-8122.

Inca and pre-Columbian musical instruments used at workshops, demonstrations, and residencies
Student playing ZampoƱa or pan flute during workshop Residencies at elementary school in New Mexico by Eco Del Sur