Eco Del Sur, which means “Echoes of the South,” was founded in 2000. Eco Del Sur consists of Latin American artists from various musical backgrounds who are united to explore and perform ancient Andean music as well as contemporary music from different Latin American regions.

Eco Del Sur’s members are from different countries including Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, making Eco Del Sur a diverse mixture of backgrounds and musical experiences. Each member of the group has mastered several indigenous and contemporary instruments. Some of the musical instruments used by Eco Del Sur include the pan-pipes and wooden flutes created by Pre-Columbian civilizations. Eco Del Sur also utilizes the string and percussion instruments introduced to Latin America by the Spanish and African heritage cultures.

Eco Del Sur has performed at numerous public venues and multicultural events throughout the United States. In addition, Eco Del Sur offers workshops, demonstrations and assemblies at schools for different grade levels.